Medicaid PlanningMedicaid Planning

Medicaid planning includes both Medicaid Preplanning and Medicaid Crisis Planning.

Medicaid Preplanning

Medicaid PrePlanning, sometimes referred to as Proactive Planning, is a process where we help clients protect their assets from the costs of long term care. We can help the elderly client protect their assets, if the client plans in advance, preferably five years before they need to apply to Medicaid to pay for their nursing home costs.

Medicaid Crisis Planning

You often hear of cases where someone’s parents lost everything to the nursing home and long-term care. What this means is that their parent did not have long term care insurance and/or sufficient money to pay for their nursing home care. The parent applied for Medicaid, which will cover the costs of the nursing home care, once the elderly person “spends down” practically all of their assets. Helping these clients involves Medicaid Crisis Planning.

Clients can work with us and we can help to preserve as much of their assets as possible from the costs of nursing home care. Medicaid will not tell you how you can save your assets, but we do. Clients can work with us and we can help to preserve as much of their assets as possible from the costs of nursing home care and long-term-care.

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Christine, Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance with my father’s estate. You definitely
made the process simple and stress free. It was a pleasure working with you as well. | I have worked with Michael Pitt for more than 20 years and in my experience no one is better at resolving difficult issues and still keeping everyone happy. | There are wide differences in lawyer’s abilities and experiences. Common sense and a level head remain important. Christine Emison handled my estate planning and probate matters with great skill, compassion and timeliness. | Mike, …Your knowledge and experience in a difficult area of my life has brought peace of mind.… I hope that it is acceptable to you that I share with friends and family. I want those I care about to know about your services! | Chris, … With the many changes in laws impacting our assets, health care and estate, it is a real comfort to have you working for our best interests. We appreciate all your and the staff at Pitt & Emison’s efforts and results. | Mike, … Your clients are lucky to have you on their side, looking for the very best, practical solution to achieve their specific goals. It is a pleasure to work with you. | We feel confident that everything was set up in the best way possible after consulting with Chris. She was very patient and explained everything in such a way that it made sense to us. We loved working with Chris and appreciate her tremendously. | Chris was extremely dedicated, punctual and personable. We were lucky to have been referred to her. We were very satisfied with her work and demeanor. | I could not have asked for a more professional, knowledgeable, efficient individual. As an added bonus, Chris really cares about her clients in a way that I haven’t seen in the business world in a long time. It is refreshing and makes you feel very safe in her hands.

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